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Reiki Therapy and Healing


Our Reiki Master is available for treatments and teaching.

The word Reiki, Japanese in origin and is comprised of two kanji: rei, meaning “spiritual” and ki, meaning “energy”. Reiki can also refer to a system of healing and spiritual development that was established in the early 1900s by Mikao Usui, a Tendai Buddhist and renowned healer.

The therapeutic application of Reiki, known as tenohira (hands-on healing) in Japanese, has been gaining popularity in recent years as a complementary therapy. This is the aspect of Reiki that is generally the most familiar to people in Western societies, and many people find it beneficial to see a Reiki practitioner for treatments. Reiki treatments from  qualified and experienced practitioners/therapists can be an incredibly positive experience, resulting in deep relaxation and often a marked improvement in one’s overall well-being.

Whilst there is a spiritual element to the system of ReikiTherapy, it is non-religious in nature. The teaching of Usui has its origin in Tendai Buddhism and Shinto, but is accessible to everyone, regardless of faith or belief.

Reiki sessions can last 30 mins (£30), 45 mins (£40),or one hour, (£50).  The treatment can take place on a treatment table, or if preferred, sitting on a chair. The Reiki treatment is non- invasive; only shoes and belts should be removed. We create a relaxing ambiance with relaxing music, candles or incense.

We also offer Therapy Packages;  Half hour massage of choice followed by half hour Reiki Therapy £48

We are fully qualified Reiki practitioners/therapists and Master/Teachers, and can trace our Reiki lineages directly back to Usui.

To book a treatment, please use online booking system using the BOOK NOW button in the Menu Bar ?or call 01412709740

We are also offering REIKI PRACTITIONER WORKSHOPS, please check our Events Page for more information.