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Intuitive Coaching, Hypnotherapy, and Dreams


Intuitive Coaching is a unique concept, using the tools of counselling and also introducing psychic guidance, crystal therapy some Reiki too perhaps to change clients’ behavour patterns or outlook.  Many clients arrive at Athena Therapies not quite knowing what they need to “fix” them but just know that they are miserable, not themselves or depressed.  By using a variety of  Intuitive Coaching techniques and a good dose of psychic assistance, an individual plan is worked out and followed with amazing results!  Please check out the lovely thank you cards in the Centre –  proof that Intuitive Coaching really works!

£48 per session. Book 5 sessions £190


Hypnotherapy by Athena Therapies – your local Hypnotherapist in East Renfrewshire.

Hypnotherapy is recognised by NHS as a safe and relaxing form of therapy and that it is used in treating addictions, anxiety, depression, obesity, smoking, phobias and stress.

Hypnosis is an effective and powerful method for achieving health and personal development – you CAN change your life-long habits, take back control of your life, empower your future and live a healthier life with therapeutic hypnotherapy sessions.

During any hypnosis session we will be working together to enable you to achieve the end result you desire. I will create a safe, non-judgmental and completely confidential environment within which you will be able to explore your true potential and become your true self. You will be surprised how hypnosis can help you to understand who you are and why you have certain phobias or cravings.

Hypnotherapy can assist with:

  • Phobias; fear of water, open spaces, spiders/insects, flying, heights, etc
  • Addiction; smoking, food, substances etc
  • Personality/Health; low self esteem, self hatred, aggression, confidence, assertiveness, stress, exam nerves, driving test anxiety etc.

All Hypnotherapy sessions are confidential between client and therapist.

Cost: £60 per session, free initial consultation


There are many and varied reasons why clients turn to Athena Therapies for help with Stress Management.  Everyone, at some point in their lives, suffers from stress in varying degrees.  For some people, learning  relaxation techniques is enough.  For others stress has become the cause of illness and depression and this is unhealthy for both mind and body.

We also offer a series of private  Stress Management sessions to support severe stress conditions. Please enquire as session/sessions are tailored to individual need, following a full free consultation.


Are you having a recurring dream and not sure what is means?  Contact us for a Dream Interpretation session, and have your dream analysed.  45 mins £38