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Huge Thanks to Everyone who attended the Masterclass on Sat 24th Oct 15. 



This event was organised by Athena Events, Glasgow.  For information on up-coming spiritual events, please go to the

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3-hour Intensive in Contemporary Use of the Ancient Taoist ‘wu wei’ Magic System

Eastwood Theatre, Giffnock, Glasgow

Sat 24th Oct 2015, 3pm-6pm

“Everyone wants to stand in good relation to destiny. Some try achieving it by shoring themselves up against a rainy day with pension policies and savings. Some try achieving it by playing the lady luck card. Some read the so-called Secret, some prefer fairground tricks and people talking in funny voices assuring them they’ll get what they want by the  law of attraction. But according to this ancient system all of these approaches are barking up the wrong tree, because all are predicated on wanting things. The Taoist model has it that if you switch modes from wanting to having, and are clear about what you intend your plenitude grows exponentially spontaneously  as a result.

And though this notion may strike a resonant chord with you, this isn’t just a plausible philosophical abstraction. Those clever Taoist sages of olden times have bequeathed us an exact and precise internal psycho-energetic protocol that ensures you stand in grace and good relation to destiny and that destiny in return treats you as its beloved, providing for your every need with utmost elegance. This is the opposite to the recent infestation of spiritual materialism. This isn’t about the tweeness of summoning your parking fairy or angel – this is a failsafe way to live life enjoying each and every moment to the full so that when you’re about to take your last breath you look back and think what a ride that was, rather than why did I waste that opportunity being such prat. And all delivered by the master, if he says so himself (but it’s true anyway) of optimum enjoying, young Barefoot.” Barefoot Doctor


Barefoot Doctor is possibly the world’s most acclaimed authority on all aspects of contemporary Taoist practice – author of 17 books, creator of a pantheon of hugely subscribed to, effective online trainings, originator of the conscious clubbing movement, producer of fully psycho-active electronic dance movement and all round jolly good chap.